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Construction Permits


The purpose of a building permit is to ensure that new structures are structurally sound and safe for human habitation. It is a license that grants legal permission to start construction of a building project. In most cases before obtaining a permit to build, plans must be reviewed and approved by the building department correspondent to the city you live in.

Projects such as building additions, retaining walls, swimming pool, interior modification, and structural alteration require architectural plans. General rehabilitation, window/door change-out, kitchen/bathroom remodel, driveway/sidewalk repair and drywall replacement do not.

Permit Pros will take care of all the footwork involved in the entire permitting process. From picking up plans, to getting them reviewed, approved, and permit card in hand. We will meet with supervising government agencies, handle all paperwork, and provide door to door service so that you can spend your time on other areas of your construction project. Keeping this process a breeze and stress free.




Who Do We Service


  • General Contractors and all Subs
  • Swimming Pool Contractors
  • Architects
  • Structural Engineers
  • Property Owners and Investors
  • Developers and Designers
  • GEO and Soil Engineers 
  • Property Managers

Other Services We Provide


  • Filing of Construction Liens
  • Building Records
  • Payment of Orders to Comply
  • Code Enforcement Fees
  • Inspections
  • Recording of Affidavits
  • City Business License


Sign Offs and Clearances


  • Public Works
  • City Planning / Zoning
  • Fire Department
  • Green Code
  • Department of Water and Power
  • Bureau of Sanitation
  • GEO & Soils
  • Drainage
  • Environmental Health
  • Coastal Commission
  • Public Library
  • Transportation Department
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